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Sehi Delivering Partnership
For over 25 years, Sehi Computer Products has remained dedicated to customer success, focused on delivering value and committed to helping reduce technology costs.

As one of our many services to you, you can quote, purchase, track your online purchased orders and/or simply use the site as one of your many Sehi informative tools to reference your REMC bid pricing on over 200k items right here in your store! If you have not already signed up for an account, please do so here.

Once you are logged in, you will have access to over 200,000 items at your exclusive REMC pricing right at your fingertips! This site is updated daily with new product, promotional items, pricing changes, discontinued products removed, etc. Here are some of the many features you will enjoy using your new BuySehi account:

  • Order tracking when the order is placed online
  • Instant credit card authorization
  • Over 200,000 products to choose from
  • Easy navigation
  • Save unlimited shipping addresses to your account
  • Request a quote
  • Request an RMA online for any order
  • Constant communication from Sehi via email with your order status
  • Instant processing for all orders placed online
  • See your quote/order history for all quotes/orders placed online
  • Create a wish list for easy ordering
  • FULL specifications and details of products
  • Transition a quote request directly to an order with a couple clicks

Michigan REMC Contract

Sehi currently holds several exclusive REMC Statewide $ave Bid Project contracts, some of which include HP Printers and accessories. As an HP Certified Educational Partner (CEP), Sehi is also a representative for HPís Server and Storage REMC contract. REMC Statewide School Aggregated Volume for Education ($AVE) Bid Project contracts are a service of your local REMC, Intermediate School Districts, and the REMC Association of Michigan. Bids are extended to higher educational institutions, local government units, eligible non-profit organizations and libraries. The REMC Statewide $ave Bid Project aggregates volume purchases and meets all Michigan state school code bidding requirements resulting in saved tax dollars and staff time. The REMC Statewide $ave Bid Project competitively bids all contracts eliminating the need for local bidding, and there is no fee for membership.

Goals of REMC
  • The program aims to save organizations both time and money
  • The REMC Statewide $AVE Bid Project provides schools with bid prices, product information and vendors selected through a competitive bid process
  • The program uses consistent state and national standards to select manufacturers, products and vendors
REMC Statewide cooperative contracts meet all the legal standards for statewide purchasing as stipulated by Michigan Law.

Quarterly In District Briefing
Sehi & HP understand and agree to provide quarterly updates on current products offered under HPís National Education Price List. HP will provide quarterly briefings under Non-Disclosure to provide primary knowledge of future product and program road maps. These briefings will assist through the planning and evaluation of future IT purchasing standards, along with total buying power and ownership. HP will also jointly form a committee comprised of representation from the District, Sehi and HP for the purposes of new product review, approval of equipment changes, technology planning and other information as needed. Also, subcontractors, potential agents and participants can be evaluated and reviewed. HP will also provide access to the Services Escalation Team at this meeting to address problems and concerns.

Product Evaluation Program
HP will support the District Technology department by providing it with selected HPís newest products for use and testing. These new products will be offered for an evaluation period of 30 days. After the 30-day period, the District will have the option of either returning the product to HP or purchasing these systems at a highly discounted price. HP will provide selected HP products every 90 days or when new product becomes available. Based on evaluating 3 desktops and 2 laptops during each semi-annual review cycle, & evaluating a large server plus other technology once a year, this provides no-cost access to approximately $255,000 worth of technology. Further, if this evaluation equipment is purchased, it may save the district as much as 30%.

Sehi works with local recycling companies to get the best value for recycled equipment as possible. Due to market conditions and condition of the equipment there may not be a value but a disposal cost. However, we recognize increased budget constraints that public agencies work under and will offer "at cost" recycling of the equipment, charging only what the recycling company charges us. Sehi Computer Products will de-install the equipment at no cost to the district. This is conditional on an agreement that the agency purchases computers and/or printers from Sehi where we provide a competitive price for the purchase of equivalent, or other equipment such as printers, servers, etc. of similar product type.

We will include a breakdown of the equipment recycled as well as a certificate from the recycler documenting that the recycling met all legal requirements for equipment as specified in the bid specifications. The recycling process will include either a DOD wipe of the hard drive, or shredding of the hard drive if it is inoperable. Please call for complete information on this service, or look for it in our bid packet.

Client Liaison
Hewlett Packard will work together with the district and Sehi to provide the option of an on-site client liaison through the contract term. We would expect to have the liaison available for on-site work to provide support that consists of the following and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the District:

  • Act as a trusted technology advisor
  • Work in harmony with all parties on technology and strategic planning
  • Address customer satisfaction issues
  • Keep current on Hewlett Packardís technology and solutions advancements
  • Assist in the selection of the Hewlett Packard products and services
  • Assist with beta test site evaluations under non-disclosure agreements
  • Assist in coordinating marketing and technology events

Other Services
Pre and post project consultation, asset handling, imaging, installation, secured storage, and removal services are also provided and may be included as part of this response or purchase as options.

To learn how Sehi Computer Products can deliver value to your organization call our sales staff in the
Midwest at 800-233-7344, or visit us on the web at www.sehi.com!




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